Arrived in Seattle to great news about Amfphp 1.2

After a lovely twelve hour flight, I arrived in Seattle last night and promptly crashed into the comfy bed at the hotel. I'm just catching up on email (it's ridiculous how much email accumulates in just 12 hours) and the latest news and saw that Patrick's released Amfphp 1.2.

I wrote a bit about this release earlier (prematurely, as it turned out) :) so I won't repeat all that again here. Suffice to say that it now generates stub code for Arp (which you can save to kick-start your Arp project) and now has a very simple method of class mapping for VOs. I won't repeat all my praise for Patrick here either, because, well, we all know he's the man! :)

I'm going to update the Amfphp version of the Arp PizzaService app in SVN to use the latest release version once I'm done prepping for the week ahead. For the time being, the sample app will only work with the pre-release version of Amfphp 1.2 (alpha) that's in the Arp SVN tree (ie., it will work if you do a full checkout and use that) -- it *will not* work with the final release version of Amfphp 1.2 as the old method of class mapping has been removed.