AMF 3 Specification Released

AMF 3 SpecificationKevin Langdon just released his reverse engineered version of the AMF 3 specification on OSFlash.

AMF 3 is the next version of the Flash Remoting protocol used in Flex 2/AS3.

Kevin's also announced that his invaluable ServiceCapture application for debugging remoting applications now supports AMF 3 and AMF 3 for Coldfusion.

What does this news mean? Two things:

Firstly, it means that you can now debug Flex Enterprise Services applications (Flex 2/J2EE) and Flex 2/CF applications using ServiceCapture (and this is huge, huge, huge as I cannot even imagine returning to the stone-age experience that is working on a remoting application without my trusty ServiceCapture.)

What gets me even more excited, however, is that it also means that once the genius that is Patrick Mineault reads this, he will probably whip up an AMF 3 version of Amfphp within the next couple of days (I would say hours but I don't want to rush him as he might also be busy solving a very complicated quantum equation at the moment too!) Of course, the road is now open for other open source Flash Remoting implementations -- such as OpenAMF (J2EE), Fluorine (.Net) and Flashticle (Python) -- to upgrade to AMF 3.

Very exciting news, indeed!