Going radio silent for a week!

I'm off to London in a few minutes where I'll be staying for the whole of next week as I teach my new series of Hot Shots seminars. I'm going to be teaching five, one-day seminars during the week (and I can't even begin to imagine how dead I'm going to be at the end of it!) :) We've got thirty people signed up for the courses, which isn't too shabby at all, especially considering that it's the first time I'm running them and I only announced it last month!

Also, Peter Hall called me -- he's apparently in town and I'm hoping to see him (and perhaps even Grant) tonight and give him grief about not updating his blog :) He's such a Bostoner now... dude, come home!

In any case, I'm going to be dead for a week so if I go silent, you know why. I'm planning on rejoining the land of the living sometime around the coming Monday.