Another reason to stop using AOL and Yahoo Mail

I just read that AOL and Yahoo are planning to start charging people for delivering email to AOL/Yahoo email addresses.

Yes, you read it right.

Basically, it appears that these guys are saying that if you want to send email to someone with a Yahoo or AOL email address and make sure it gets there, you'll have to pay for the privilege.

Now let's think about that for a second... umm... nope, don't think so!

The Inquirer also states that Yahoo and AOL will guarantee delivery of these "preferential emails", bypassing people's spam filters. Smooth. Very smooth. So does this mean that users can sue Yahoo/AOL as spammers if they receive spam mail through this preferential email system?

Here's another blogger's take on that: AOL, Yahoo Will Sell You Out for a Penny (Maybe Less).

From now on, if I receive email from someone with a Yahoo or AOL email address, I'll be asking them to please use some other service or they may eventually miss out on important email from me in the future.

This is just plain greedy/wrong and I hope people will vote by avoiding AOL and Yahoo email addresses. I know that I'll personally be warning people not to use them.