Arp, meet Tartan: A viable solution for Coldfusion Flash Remoting using Value Objects

Arp and Tartan: Bringing patterns-based development to Flash and ColdfusionSam Shrefler just announced on the OSFlash mailing list that he has released a Contact Manager sample application showing how to use Arp and Tartan together.

Arp is a pattern-based framework for the Flash Platform, written by yours truly and Tartan is a similar framework for the server-side written in Coldfusion by the OpenXCF. Their command-driven architectures and use of Value Objects makes the two frameworks a perfect fit. Tartan, furthermore, overcomes the below-par Flash Remoting support in the current release version of CF. If you want to see what I'm talking about, take a look at the base tartan.vo.ValueObject class (CFC) to see the workarounds necessary to enable the passing of custom value objects -- something we take for granted in OpenAMF, for example.

This combination is your best bet if you want to use Flash, Flash Remoting and CF together to create pattern-based Rich Internet Applications and will be officially endorsed by Arp.

Download Sam's Arp-Tartan Contact Manager sample application.

Great work, Sam!