Arp Pizza Service Modifications for Fluorine: Open Source .Net Remoting

In case you haven't heard yet, there is a new open source remoting product available for .Net called Fluorine (and in case you're wondering, yes, the name is related to Flouride.) It was probably chosen because Flourine is the most chemically reactive of all elements and combines readily with most other elements (an apt analogy for Remoting, if you think about it) -- although it is highly poisonous (no analogy there with Flash Remoting, thankfully, but maybe it's a stab at Microsoft!)

I was happy to see that the Fluorine project is using the Arp PizzaService example and that the .Net back-end for it uses Value Objects (VOs.) There are a couple of changes that you need to make to the Arp PizzaService example (which you can see running at the AMFPHP web site) and these are clearly outlined in the Fluorine documentation.

It's great to finally see an open source Flash Remoting implementation for .Net. Great work!