Flash gurus' love affair means discounts for students in London

Grant Skinner and Aral Balkan will be offering discounts to students taking both their courses in London in February, 2006.

Two of the Flash world's top names professed their love for each other today, in a move that is already being called the Bareback Brokeback Mountain of Flash.

Grant Skinner and Aral Balkan publicly declared that they'll be offering discounts to students taking both Grant's Flash 8 Workshop and one or more of Aral's Hot Shots Seminars in London this February.

Students to Grant's workshop will be able to sign up for any Hot Shots seminar for just £99 (or all five for just £495, inc. VAT). Similarly, students taking any Hot Shots seminar will be able to take Grant's Flash 8 Workshop for £350 instead of £400. (This offer can't be combined with any other offers.)

Do the math: If you take all five Hot Shots seminars and Grant's Flash 8 workshop, you'll be getting seven days of world-class training by both of us for under £900! If that's not a deal, I don't know what is (and Grant and I should probably go back to math school ourselves for offering such a crazy deal!)

Contact me if you'd like to advantage of this offer.