Just had one of those "It's a miracle I'm alive" moments

And they say nothing much happens in North Cyprus� About three hours ago, while on the way back from Nicosia to Famagusta, my parents and I got into a car accident and walked away with nothing more than very minor bumps.

My mom, who was asleep in the back seat, was the most shaken up, my dad had a minor bump and I escaped without getting hurt at all.

I still can't believe we escaped so lightly. It could have been really bad.

To see what I mean, play the Flash re-enaction that I just created after getting home -- did I mention that it's 3am at the moment? :)

Thankfully, my dad noticed at the last minute that the car coming into the main road wasn't going to stop and both accelerated and swerved to avoid the car. I don't even want to think about what could have happened if the other car had hit my dad's door directly or if my mom had been sitting at the side that was hit or if our car had flipped instead of just spinning around (thank goodness it's an old, wide, heavy BMW -- those suckers are built to last, I tell you -- not to mention that a low center of gravity helps too!)

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that we're all fine (as are the people in the other car.) The guy who was driving the other car, btw, didn't have a license and they were 100% at fault as we had right of way and they didn't heed their stop!

I'm going to hit the sack and sleep this off before flying back to the UK tomorrow.

[Update] I just updated the SWF animation to reflect the actual final resting position of the other car.

[Update] My dad reminded me that the other car's front was totally wrecked and that includes the headlights. Updated animation to reflect this.