So what happens to MMUGs now? Her's Londo's answer...

I saw that was asking What will happen to MMUGs now? Will they become Adobe User Groups (AUGs?) I can't speak for other MMUGs but I can announce what we're going to be doing in 2006 with the London Macromedia User Group: We're going to be renaming it to the London MultiMedia User Group. Being lazy at heart and not wanting to give up too many XBox cycles on rebranding, we thought this would be the easiest route :) Also, it fits perfectly with our wanting to embrace a wider range of topics.

Darn, 15 minutes to get to my gate... I better post this and get going lest I miss my flight to Cyprus. Going to be spending New Year's with my family in the North.

Happy New Year everyone! Here's to an exciting 2006! :)