Adobe Web Bundle -- Oh yeah, baby!

[Update] One of my readers just commented that this upgrade is for people who own both the Adobe and Macromedia bundles. "To use the web bundle upgrade you need to own Adobe Creative Suite 1.x AND Macromedia Studio MX 2004 / MX." (Thanks, Rob.) Not much of a deal, then, I guess -- oh, well. It would be great if people could upgrade to the bundle from one *or* the other and also from Studio 8. Perhaps these are just the initial bundles and there will be others to follow..?

* * *

Well, I knew this was going to happen: Adobe's UK web site is advertising the new Adobe Web Bundle -- it's a £705 + VAT upgrade (£828.37 inc. VAT) from Studio MX or Studio MX 2004 (Couldn't find any info on Upgrading from Studio 8.) On its own it's £1,409.00 + VAT (£1,655.57 inc. VAT) Haven't run the numbers yet so I don't know how great a deal this is but it sure sounds yummy at first sight!

Here's what you get:

Adobe Creative Suite Premium


Macromedia Studio 8

More info here.