SOPA is bad news, and concerns us all

You may have heard of two bills that are floating around the US Congress and Senate that go by the common monikers SOPA and PIPA. They're both very bad news and they will affect us all–Americans and otherwise–if they pass.

That is why this blog is blacked out in protest today.

You may also have heard that SOPA has been killed. It hasn't. It has merely been shelved, most likely until February.

It does, however, need to be killed and it–and similar bills in the future that are supported by the dinosaurs of our age, the old-school publishing companies, the BSA, RIAA, MPAA.

And, if you need any more reason to hate SOPA, just remember that Rupert Murdoch wholeheartedly supports it.

Find out more about why SOPA and PIPA here: