OFLA Online: Free Online Open Source Flash Conference

If you haven't heard yet, OSFlash is holding its first online conference, called OFLA Online, on Friday, 21st of October at 18:00 GMT. It will be held via Breeze (courtesy of Macromedia) and is free to attend.

The three-hour conference will see eight 30 minute presentations by leading members of the Open Source Flash community. There are some exciting sessions planned, including the unveiling of Red5, the open source project that aims to be an alternative to Flash Media Server and some of the enterprise data services in the upcoming Flex 2.

OFLA Online presents a unique chance for you to learn about some of the hottest Open Source Flash projects from the people who actually develop them. Here are some highlights:

Both the ActionStep and ASWing open source Flash GUI frameworks will be presented and Edwin van Rijkom will present on Flash Rich Desktop Applications with the recently open-sourced Screenweaver. Carlos Rovira, whose Towards Open Source Flash Development was a key factor in raising awareness of FAME, will present his experiences in the past year, developing High-scale Enterprise projects with open source Flash tools. I will be giving the keynote, exploring the Open Source Flash Revolution and Nicolas Cannasse will be taking you on a tour of MTASC, it's past, present and future.

To see the programme, read session details and sign your name up as an attendee, see the OFLA Online page on OSFlash.