OSFlash Search is back, site now validates and mascot can be any animal...

Umm, well, the title pretty much says it all, I think!

The new Search feature in the latest DokuWiki is indexed and should be much faster than before. There was a slight issue with the formatting of the results which I've now fixed.

Thanks to Niko, the OSFlash site now validates and displays correctly under IE.

As far the OSFlash Mascot Contest is concerned, we are getting some really great entries and the rules have been expanded to allow any animal (not just Tux) as the mascot as long as it's rendered in the Tux2 style. Last day for entries is midnight (GMT) October 31, 2005 and we have a copy of Macromedia Studio 8, a limited edition print from Jared Tarbell and books from friends of ED.

Btw, the list is already calling the mascot "Flux". I like the name, don't you? :)