Sexy new design for OSFlash

OSFlash always had the brains but now it has the looks too!

I just got through updating the OSFlash wiki to the latest DokuWiki release and also implemented the design so generously donated to us by Nicolas Coevoet (NikO). The new site literally *just* went live so please report back any issues if you run into them.

I will me making some more slight tweaks as time goes on and, quite possibly, quite a large tweak later on today (to move the table of contents over to the right-hand-side courtesy of a solution provided by NikO a few moments ago.)

I hope you enjoy the new look and that it's easier to read and navigate. I tried my best to tweak the design to be as accessible as possible but if I've missed anything on that front, please let me know also.

Check out the sexy new OSFlash wiki.