Echo, echo, echo... I think I hear Open Source Flash Communication Server!

Congratulations to the Red5 team on attaining a very important milestone: Today, Luke Hubbard, one of the lead developers on the project, reported on the Red5 mailing list that he successfully got EchoService working. Basically, you can now send an object to the Red5 server and get it back.

What is Red5, you ask? It's a project on OSFlash that aims to create an Open Source Flash Communication Server. The speed at which the project is progressing is quite astounding. An Open Source Flash Communication Server alternative appears to be mere months away :)

Check out the Red5 web site and mailing list for more information or to get involved.

You can also read my latest OSFUN column on Flash Magazine for more on the latest Open Source Flash news.

Very impressive guys! I can't wait to see more (much more, from what I've heard) at OFLA Online.