ServiceCapture: A Dream Come True

I am very upset with Kevin Langdon.

Kevin, how could you write one of the most useful tools in a Flash/Flex developer's toolset but forget to tell anyone about it? It was by pure chance that I stumbled upon your excellent ServiceCapture tool in Josh Dura's blog post, even though I had been searching for an HTTP monitor/bandwidth throttler/AMF debugger on Google for ages.

It bears repeating: ServiceCapture is a lightweight, usable HTTP Proxy, HTTP Monitor, Web Debugging Tool and, most importantly, Bandwidth Throttle and AMF Debugger. (Google, are you listening?) :)

I can't even begin to thank you for saving me from the one program that does come up in Google searches and has apparently been quite-widely blogged about in the Flash community: Charles.

Charles is one of the worst applications I have ever had the pleasure of using. I'm talking about teeth-extraction-without-anasthetic bad. I'm talking you-want-to-gnaw-your-own-arm-off bad: An unusably slow interface that rewards your patience with an endless barrage of shareware nag windows featuring the image of a hideous white jug. I completely understand the need to get paid for your software but, guess what? Pissing off your potential customers is not the way to do it! Not to mention that Charles costs $50 whereas ServiceCapture is $34.99.

The choice is clear: We're going to be using ServiceCapture :)