Mailing list frustrations with Tartan and Flexcoders

I recently tried to sign up for the Tartan mailing list but gave up in utter frustration after putting up with screen after screen of ads, etc. because it is hosted by a mailing list service called Topica (not linking to them in order not to boost their pagerank.)

Paul Kenney, if you're reading this, you have a shiny new, ad-free mailing list waiting for you for Tartan on OSFlash if you want it.

This got me thinking that it would be great to move the FlexCoders list over to OSFlash as well. It is currently hosted on Yahoo's "free" services which are not so free (they serve ads on the list and you also need to register with Yahoo in order to sign up.) Also, the search feature on their archives is crippled (it searches only a subset of messages at a time), making it unusable on such a large, busy and important list. A mailing list on OSFlash would be free of Yahoo ads and would not require a Yahoo account to access. Even more importantly, it would have full search on archives.

Steven, Ali, if you guys want an ad-free mailing list, just send me an email and it'll be set up in no time :)

[Update] I should learn to read mailing list footers (who has time, tell me?) Steven just sent over a link to a service that lets you search the Flexcoders archives in the comments. OK, I take it back. As long as I have working search, I'm happy :)