PowerFlasher: Free FDT licenses for active OSFlash devs

Carlo Blatz from PowerFlasher just announced on the OSFlash list that they will be giving a free license of their upcoming Eclipse-based Flash development tool, FDT, to active developers on projects hosted on OSFlash and SourceForge.

Here's a snippet from Carlo's emailt to the list:

"Inspired of the discussion here, we thought about together with our developers on FDT, how to do our part for the opensource-community. Because of the long discussed reasons, we cant develop FDT as opensource-project. But here is the result: to help and motivate more flashdevelopers to opensource, Powerflasher spend a free licence for every active (!) developer in good opensource-projects at OSFlash.org or Sourceforge. Just send us your projectusername and we will send you a key after the release."

Carlo also provided some further information on the upcoming FDT release, including the release date (August 22nd) and the final price (199 Euro). Some of the new features added to FDT during the current beta phase include:

- Type Hierarchy - Quick Outline - Editable TopLevel Functions supporting TRACE and ASSERT - Code Hints for Arguments - More Navigation Features - Autocompletion of Event Metadata Tags - Selectable Core/Std Libraries

- Better MTASC support

For more information on FDT, see the FDT homepage.

Thanks guys -- to quote Don Petersen from the list, "That's very cool of you guys to do."