FlashForward Presentation and Files

Image: Slide 16 of 38 from my presentation at FlashForward New York showing a movie clip instance (myDog) of a dog peeing. Also shown are some of its properties and methods. Methods are described as making an object do something.

I'm back home in Brighton after having an amazing time at FlashForward and getting to meet and talk to some fabulous people. A big thank-you again to Linda, Stuart, Kim, Christoph, Kevin, Carolina, Jim and the whole FlashForward crew for their efforts in creating such a rewarding experience.

I presented a session titled ActionScript 2: A Visual Introduction for Right-Brainers and was delighted to see that it was so well received (here and here). I've always argued that the basics of OOP and ActionScript 2 are not difficult to understand if presented in a simple, visual manner and I view this as confirmation that the barier of entry into this fantastic world can be lowered substantially (even if it involved using somewhat of a radical teaching method that utilized the services of a certain peeing dog and flying pig.)

I am making the presentation FLA and AS files available for download alongside the examples covered in the presentation. I must warn you that the presentation was quickly created over the span of a couple of days and, although I have cleaned it up considerably before releasing it, I may have cut a few corners here and there. However, I feel it will be helpful for you to see that the methods you learned can be easily applied to real-world applications. Also feel free to use the FLA as a template for your own Flash-based presentations. It has some neat features like the ViewStack class, for example, which helped me out greatly by automating the registration of new screens.

Download the presentation and sample files (~1.87MB).