Why I did't just upgrade to Acrobat Reader 7.0

I was just viewing a PDF in Adobe Acrobat 6.0 and got a pop-up asking me whether I want to upgrade to 7.0. I had put this off due to the large size of the Acrobat plugin but thought, "Hey, what the heck, OK..." and clicked "Yes". Next screen, I had to choose which apps I wanted to install (umm, I thought I told you I wanted to upgrade Acrobat). So, ignoring the Adobe Atmosphere, Adobe Photoshop Album (???) and "Install the Yahoo! Toolbar" options, I added "Adobe Reader 7.0" to my Selected list and *boom* there was "Install the Yahoo! Toolbar" added to my selected list also.

Me: Oooooh! [Clicks on "Install Yahoo! Toolbar" to remove it from the Selected]

Adobe: Hehe, we know what you're tring to do... [Remove button grays out]

Me: So that's how it's going to be, eh? Ok, let's play hard ball. [Clicks Cancel!]

Adobe: Oh no, we're about to lose him... umm, let's try this: [Displays another pop-up]... Umm, would you rather install 6.1 instead?

Me: Why, so you can sneak in the Yahoo! toolbar without telling me, perhaps? No thanks!

Adobe: Oh well... maybe we should review the crap we bundle with our applications in the future.

The funny thing is, I went back in and actually asked to check for Updates while writing this to make sure my post was accurate and this time, it *did* let me remove the Yahoo! toolbar installation. Bug? Or is trying to be really clever by first trying to get away with not letting you remove the Yahoo! toolbar and then, if you cancel, letting you remove it on subsequent attempts.

In any case, it left a bad taste in my mouth. I'll stick to 6.0 for now... I use FlashPaper whenever I can anyway :)