Open Source BBC Flash Components Set Released

We had a great meeting last night at the London MMUG, where Rob Bateman premiered his SMX Components set, developed for use in the BBC News US and UK election maps and now released by the BBC as open source.

You can download the release from the BBC's account on SourceSecure at the following address:

There's also a mailing list that you can join at:

[Update] There's apparently an issue with the mailing list. Rob's going to let me know when it has been resolved. For the moment, don't bother clicking on the above link :) (Thanks to Folkert and Richard for alerting me!)

[Update] The current alpha release is apparently still under a BBC license (not for commercial use) but this is apparently only due to the slow legal process of getting an open source license approved at a large institution like the BBC. I'll post an update when the actual open source license for the set has been chosen.