Here’s a new little Twitter game for you:

  1. On Tuesdays, tag someone whose tweets you admire on Twitter on a given subject.
  2. Mention the @person in your tweet and the #subject with a hashtag.
  3. In your tweet, tell them that “they’re it” and now they should tag someone else with the same tag (give a link to this post to explain the game – the short URL is http://thelink.is/tt).

The general format of the tweet should be something like:

I love @aral’s tweets on #ux

Tag, you’re it! Now it’s @aral’s turn to tag someone (see http://thelink.is/tt).

#tagtuesday #tt

Here’s an actual #tagtuesday tweet from earlier.


The idea behind the game is to create a fun game of tag where we discover a chain of people with interesting tweets on different subjects via recommendations from other people. If it takes off, it could provide a nice breadcrumb trail others can follow to discover interesting new Twitter peeps.

Tag, you’re it! Now go tweet your #tagtuesday!