Update 2011: call for sponsors

A personal call for sponsors

You might be starting to notice that Update isn't a regular conference. It kicks off with the Royal Banquet at a palace (for which there are still a few tickets you can buy to attend), continues in the premier concert hall in Brighton, and ends with the A Night at the Museum after-party at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. It is a tightly-scripted experience, with 18-minute inspirational talks punctuated by Geek Ninja Battles, tech beats, and live/interactive music and visualization acts. And, unlike other conferences, we're approaching sponsorship differently too.

Specifically, we have a good idea of who we want to see as sponsors and we're publicly inviting them to come join us.


Because we see sponsors as be an integral and valuable part of the Update experience. Personally, I feel that the right sponsors can add to the conference as much as the keynotes, panels, networking, and every other component.

As such to make it easier to get the sponsors we want, we've decided to keep sponsorships as affordable as possible for a conference with such high production value. And we're issuing personal invitations to companies with the platforms, tools and technologies that we want to see at Update.

We can't possibly include everyone in the initial list and we're definitely open to sponsorship from other companies, but we're currently inviting the following folks: Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, HP webOS, Nokia, RIM Blackberry, Apple iOS, Adobe Flash/AIR, Appcelerator Titanium, Ansca Corona, Opera and Mozilla (web/HTML5), Telefonica, and Vodafone.

If you're not on the list, please don't dismay – we'd love to hear from you and have you as part of Update. Grab a sponsorship pack and get in touch.

Like those Panini sticker books…

Do you remember those Panini sticker books they had when you were a kid? I used to love those. That's basically what we've created with our call for sponsors. In the coming days, I look forward to watching the site fill up with the actual logos of our sponsors as they sign up. (The only thing is we can't trade sponsors with other conferences like you could with the Panini stickers and your friends – oh well, I guess metaphors only go so far sometimes.) :)

Support your team at the Geek Ninja Battles

I mentioned earlier that we will be holding two Geek Ninja Battles at Update. These are based on the highly successful inaugural Geek Ninja Battle (web vs. native) that we held at Geek Ninja Factory earlier in the year. The first battle is on platforms (Android, Windows Phone, iOS, web, etc.) and the second is on tools and technologies (native, web, other cross-platform).

Everyone is mobile today is debating which platforms to develop for and which tools and technologies to use. Update is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the mobile ecosystem and make it easier to make an educated decision on the platforms you will support and the tools and technologies you will use in your next project. And I personally would like to see as many of the leading players as possible to have a voice at the event and to support their teams at the battles.

Introducing the Show & Tell stage

Update also has a Show & Tell stage – a second track, if you will – of sessions presented by the local community. We'll be releasing more information on how this will work and how you can apply to take part soon. There is also an opportunity here for a sponsor to support the Show & Tell stage and use it during the breaks for their own presentations.

Be part of the magic

Update is shaping up to be a unique experience with some of the top names from the worlds of iOS, web, user experience, and beyond. It is an independent, human conference with a warm heart and exceptional production values. I hope you will support us and help enrich that experience.

Grab a sponsorship pack, get a feel for the wonderful experience we're crafting, and become part of the magic this September.