March Conference Madness

Login conference in Lithuania.

March is about to become a mad month for me, starting tomorrow (or perhaps it started on Friday, with Geek Ninja Battle Night). Today, I'm off to London, staying overnight at Heathrow (and hopefully attending this evening's NSCoder night in London) before flying to Lithuania tomorrow where, on Thursday, I will be presenting the opening keynote at the LOGIN conference, in front of an expected audience of over 2,000 (no pressure!)

At LOGIN, I'm honored to be appearing alongside some stellar folks including Ben Hammersley, editor-at-large of Wired UK, my good friend and lead developer evangelist at Mozilla, Christian Heilmann, Marc Sands from Tate Modern, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi of (and co-founder of The Pirate Bay), Shehzaad Shams from Amnesty International, and Adam Somlai Fischer, the lead designer of Needless to say, there are quite a few sessions that I am greatly looking forward to attending.

The Big M

The Big M conference

When I return from LOGIN, it's straight to Bath for The Big M conference where I'm looking forward to catching up with, among others, the ever-delightful Dan Appelquist from Vodafone and my good friend and conference buddy Bruce Lawson from Opera. I'll be presenting there on the 21st and doing a half-day workshop on mobile design principles for iOS on the 22nd.


NSConference. Photo by Stefaan Lesage.

After my workshop at The Big M, it's a train to Reading where, on the 23rd, I will be presenting an opening keynote at NSConference. I wish I could attend the whole of NSConference and hang out with some of the other awesome speakers – like my friend and fellow UX-obsessive Mike Lee, the-one-and-only Mr. Matt Legend Gemmell, Drew McCormack, and the scarily clever Marcus Zarra. Developer Summit

I get a night's rest in Reading after which I'm off to Amsterdam to present the opening keynote at the Developer Summit on the 24th.

iOS SDK workshop

3-Day iOS workshop for native development with Objective-C and Cocoa Touch. Brighton, UK.

I fly back to the UK on the 25th and round off the month with my iOS SDK Dojo, a 3-Day workshop in Brighton wherein I teach Objective-C and Cocoa Touch – sprinkled with lots of real-world and user-experience-design-related tips for iPhone and iPad.


What a crazy month.

Here's looking forward to seeing some of you on my travels and to making it to April in one piece. :)

Photo credit: NSConference: Stefaan Lesage (from his NSConference 2010 - Day 1 review from CocoaHeads Belgium).