Our experience with Simply Computers And Misco

Breaking from tradition, I'm posting a review here of the terrible service we have received at the hands of Simply Computers and their b2b arm, Misco. If you are an individual or company in the UK, you may be interested in reading this.

We placed an order for a piece of software with Simply Computers through their web site on February 27th, taking advantage of their 10% off offer for new customers. Simply responded immediately with an email alerting us that we would receive a confirmation once payment had been processed or that we would be contacted within one business day should anything be amiss.

Two business days later, on March 2nd, I called their customer service department since we had not heard from them. I was told Simply was their consumer branch and that since we were a business customer, our order had been transferred to their business branch, Misco. I was assured that someone would process my order and call back that day.

The next day, not having received a call, I called Misco's customer support. They acknowledged that they did not have the order and told me that someone would figure things out and call me back that day. Needless to say, no one did.

I called again on Friday and Monday only to hear that the order was here or it was there (or, once, that they had no idea where it was.)

On Tuesday, 8th of March, I was finally transferred to a manager at customer services who promised to get to the bottom of things and call back. Wonder of wonders, he actually did. So why had my order been delayed by more than a week? Apparently all because of the 10% discount that we had from Simply. I was told that they couldn't honor it and that they'd give us free shipping and as much of a discount as they could -- basically resulting in our paying £4 more for the order. At this point, I was ready to give them £40 more if it meant that we got our software, so I agreed and was told that we would receive it the next day (Wednesday).

It did not arrive on Wednesday.

When I called on Wednesday afternoon, I was told that the driver had problems with our address. They had the correct address, mind you. It is interesting in that in the two years that we've been at our present location, no one has ever had trouble finding us. I personally attribute it to the wonderful post code system we have here and the fact that we're smack in the middle of a busy central London street! I was assured by customer services that I would receive delivery today (Thursday).

Well, it is 5.30pm as I write this and nothing has arrived. I was on the phone with customer service and told that "it looks as if it is being delivered but they can't see the driver" or some other nonsense. I had given them our phone number (again, for the fifth time) to be passed on to the couriers (Three Blind Mice Deliveries, Inc?) and, of course, no call either.

If I were watching this on television, it would be a comedy and I'd find it very amusing -- right now I'm on the verge of tears. I have never known it so difficult to *buy* something! I have never experienced incompetence on such a grand scale. How do these companies stay in business if they have such trouble in processing and delivering a single order?

Simply Computers and Misco(mmunication?) -- beware!