Installing Mac Application Tools 1.1 with non-standard Xcode installs

If you, like me, don't like to install Xcode into the /Developer folder (maybe because you have several versions of it on your computer at one time), you will run into a problem while trying to install Application Tools 1.1 to build apps for the Mac App Store.

Like a number of installers I've encountered, the Application Tools 1.1 installer fails if it cannot find Xcode in the /Developer folder. In my case, I already had a /Developer folder with a few system items in it but Xcode was in a separate folder off the root of my drive called /Xcode3.2.5iOS4.2.

To cut a long story short, I merely renamed /Developer to /Developer-temp and the Xcode folder to /Developer, ran the installer, and then named the two folders back again (you'll need to use sudo mv /Developer /Developer-temp and enter your system password).