Introducing Geek Ninja Factory: become an iOS ninja!

Geek Ninja Factory

I love to teach and I had a blast this year while teaching my 3-Day iOS SDK course for iPhone and iPad at venues around the world. And, based on the feedback, the students had a blast too.

So, for 2011, I'm taking the training to a new level: introducing Geek Ninja Factory.

Via Geek Ninja Factory, I will be teaching two courses in 2011 (and I have some other surprises planned too). These are a new 1-Day course called the iOS Mojo Dojo and a 3-Day course titled iOS SDK Dojo.

The 1-Day iOS Mojo Dojo starts out by introducing the iOS platform, including the various devices/generations and lays out the design limits and features of each, tying them in to the various frameworks in the iOS SDK. You get handy design-related tips and tricks before we move on to hands-on examples that compare and contrast the major tools and technologies for developing iOS apps. These include web standards (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), web + iOS-specific frameworks (JQTouch), creating native apps using web technologies and PhoneGap, using JavaScript to create native apps with native components (Appcelerator Titanium and NimbleKit), other technologies (Corona, Unity3D, etc.) and a quick glance at native development with the iOS SDK (Objective-C and Cocoa Touch with the Xcode tools).

The aim of the 1-Day course is to introduce you to the iOS platform and give you a wide overview of designing and developing for it so that you can make intelligent design and technology choices when embarking on your next app.

The 3-Day iOS SDK Dojo, in contrast, aims to give you a solid foundation in developing native iOS applications for iPhone and iPad using the iOS SDK (Objective-C and Cocoa Touch, as well as the Xcode toolset, including Interface Builder and Instruments). By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge you need to build your first native app. Far more information on the 3-Day course is available on the Geek Ninja Factory web site.

The next courses are in January 2011 and seating is limited to 12 people.

Check them out today and sign up to become an iOS Ninja in 2011 at Geek Ninja Factory.

PS. As a reader of my blog, here are two special codes for you: use the magic code NINJAWIN to get £100 off the 3-Day iOS SDK Dojo and the magic code NINJAMOJO to get £25 off the 1-Day iOS Mojo Dojo.