Latest Miranda nightly build rocks!

I was getting a little frustrated with Miranda IM, the multi-IM app that Jonas infected me with a little while back after either a Windows update (or updates on AOL/ICQs networks) started to make it crash (first on start-up and now, regularly, on shutdown.) Today, I noticed that Yahoo wasn't connecting. This was with the current stable release (v0.4).

A few moments ago, I downloaded the latest nightly build dated 2005-05-16 (v0.4.0.1a12) and boy, what an improvement :) (Make sure you backup your plugins before installing the new version and then don't forget to merge your plugins after the install.)

First and foremost, I love the use of frames so that my various plugins all look like they're part of the app now. Much easier to manage. This appears to the big new feature. However, the app's also more stable and I haven't experienced any crashes at startup or shutdown and Yahoo's working again :)

I do hope that they come out with the final release soon though.

[Update] If you have Miranda, you should definitely pick up the tabSRMM (0.0.8; latest stable release) (get the actual latest release from the IEView releases page -- I'm running without problems), along with the IEView plugin and then check out the various templates available. I personally love the Satin template.