TEDxAmsterdam & TEDxBrussels 2010

It looks like I'm going to go from never having attended a TED event to attending two within a month of each other. I'm hugely excited to have been invited to attend TEDxAmsterdam at the end of this month and, a week after that, I'm going to be attending TEDxBrussels.

The sessions at TEDxAmsterdam range from Nanobiosym – the convergence of physics, nanotechnology and biomedicine – to the presentation of two arias by a certain world-class soprano.

For this year's conference, TEDxBrussels has the theme of "But… who will save the world?" I'm assuming it's a humorous homage to the TV series, Heroes. Will it be "physicist or philosopher", "nerd or artist", "teacher or scientist", "economist or politician"… (Of course, this assumes that world somehow needs saving and that we, as humans, are the ones to undertake the challenge. Last I looked, bacteria were doing well with a great outlook for their future!) :)

When and where?

See you there?

Both TEDx events sound great and I can't wait to experience them. Are you attending or speaking? Would love to hear from you and hopefully see you there!