SourceSecure comes out of beta!

SourceSecure: Hosted Subversion and Trac solution (CVS & Bugzilla also available). Free Trial.I'm proud to announce that our latest baby, SourceSecure, has come out of beta and is officially launching today!

SourceSecure is an easy-to-use, affordable, zero-maintenance hosted version control and project management solution based on Subversion and Trac (CVS as well as Bugzilla are also available.) We provide you with a simple online control panel that allows you to create Subversion repositories that integrate with Trac for bug and feature tracking and project management.

If all that made sense to you and you're itching to try it out, go over and open a free trial account which is feature complete and comes with a 5MB Subversion (or CVS) repository. You can keep your free trial account for as long as you like and can upgrade it to a paid account with more disk space and bandwidth at any time.

What made you do this? I thought you were a Flasher, etc.

I came up with the idea of creating such a service based on feedback on the various talks I give around the world on Best Practices Flash & Flex Development (which, not incidentally, is also the name of a seminar I teach.) In my talks I repeatedly stress the importance of using source control and of employing Agile Methodologies during development as means of reducing development risk.

Your source (whether it be FLAs, AS files, Photoshop or Illustrator documents or even Microsoft Word or Excel documents) are your most valuable assets and if you're not using souce control and taking regular *offsite* backups, you're putting your source (and quite possibly your continued livelihood) at risk.

Talking to attendees after my talks, I saw that while most people were aware of the need for source control, they either did not have the time or resources to invest in setting up their own source control system with regular offsite backups. So, I decided to invest in a service that would make it child's play for anyone (not just uber-geeks or large enterprises) to take advantage of source control and manage development projects in an Agile manner. That system -- after long hours of sweat and tears -- became SourceSecure! :)

As I mentioned at the beginning, we offer a fully-functional free trial account that you can use to evaluate the service. I hope you find it as useful as I find it and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

[Update] A big thank-you is in order for those of you who have been with us throughout the Beta process. If you've been waiting for the Upgrade plans, it's finally there so you can now upgrade your account online to a paid plan.