XAuthTwitterEngine deprecated, use MGTwitterEngine (& new MGTwitterEngine demo app released)

MGTwitterEngineDemo UIIn March of this year, I created a Twitter library called XAuthTwitterEngine based on Matt Gemmell's awesome MGTwitterEngine library and the excellent work (and with the assistance) of a number of great developers (including Ben Gottlieb, Jon Crosby, Chris Kimpton, and Isaiah Carew, Steve Reynolds, and Norio Nomura). Back then, MGTwitterEngine didn't have oAuth/xAuth support and I built XAuthTwitterEngine as a stop-gap, with the intension of back-porting to MGTwitterEngine at some point.

Well, MGTwitterEngine has had excellent oAuth/xAuth for some time now and I finally got round to checking it out today only to realize just how much progress they've made. It's definitely time to deprecate XAuthTwitterEngine and start using MGTwitterEngine again (so I am back-porting Feathers to MGTwitterEngine at the moment).

New demo

One of my goals in releasing XAuthTwitterEngine was to have a simple demo that developer's could use as a reference – something that "just works". I still think that's necessary for MGTwitterEngine so I created a new one based on the demo project in XAuthTwitterEngine.

Check out the MGTwitterEngine demo project on Github.

Some notes on the demo:

As the first step in porting Feathers back to MGTwitterEngine, I'm planning on evolving XAuthTwitterEngine into a façade that simply proxies calls to MGTwitterEngine. When that's ready, I'll release it as a drop-in replacement to get those of you using XAuthTwitterEngine to seamlessly and transparently switch to using the latest and greatest MGTwitterEngine (or, if you don't want to wait, Scratch that, I just had a look at it and it's definitely more trouble than it's worth – it's easier to just use the demo I liked to above as a guide to port your apps yourselves. The façade should just be an intermediary step anyway.)

Hope you find the demo project useful in getting up and running with MGTwitterEngine.