Just got the finger from Robert M. Hall

Well, I guess there's a first for everything... I just got the finger [link removed -- see comments] for visiting someone's site!

I don't really think I did anything to piss off Robert and I'm not using an anonymous proxy so I'm guessing that my IP just happened to be in an unfavorable range :)

It's sad that we have to resort to such methods these days but I can't say that I don't empathize. I remember once realizing that I had effectively banned all of Asia on the WhatIsFlash wiki after a terribly nasty bout of blog spam from China. In fact, I find myself spending more and more time creating things just to keep these people at bay (eg. the implementation of a captcha on WysiwygWiki or hacking my b2 blog to allow only registered members to comment.) There has to be a better way... a p2p trust system of some sort, perhaps?

I'm afraid that if things continue in the same direction, with sites putting up ever stricter controls with unreliable results, we may all end up giving ourselves the finger and ruining the community aspect of the Internet. Somehow, we have to find a reliable way of measuring/certifying trust in a p2p fashion... I'm off to Google to start my search!

[Update] Well, it appears that posting the link to the "go away" page caused some mass fingering of the Flash community this morning. Apologies for that, I had no clue that visiting the page would result in your IP getting banned (I thought it would be the other way around!) Robert has more about it on his blog. If your IP got banned by visiting the site (before I removed the link), look in the comments for the email address you need to write to to get it unbanned. You can find your IP easily by visiting whatismyip.com. Ah, just keepin' things interesting...