FLPMaker update

If you're using FLPMaker to make creating Projects in Flash MX 2004 Professional easier, you may want to update your copy with the bugfix Markus Cecot sent to me a little while back (unfortunately it got lost in the sea of spam I receive on my FlashAnt email account so I couldn't post it earlier -- if anyone wants to send me email directly, sent it to my first name at ariaware (com) instead.)

Here's Markus' email with more information on the issue:

I found your FLPMaker very useful but was little but frustated about some xml errors. Flash ignored them but the Sepy actionscript editor recognized them. I had to open the project first in Flash and change the project before I could open it in Sepy. I took a look at the generated FLP file and found some redundant close tags.

On line 221 I changed your line:

if ( ! folderEnded ) into

if ( !folderEnded && createFolder && folderStarted)

...and voila now I am able to open the generated file immediately in Sepy.

I've attached the changed Java class and a diff file. Hope someone finds it use full too. Thanks to your great work. It saved me already some hours of unnecessary work.

Here's the updated flpmaker.java file.