My Introduction to iPhone Development Course (clearing up any confusion about the name & a heads up on next month's course in Brighton)

I am going to be presenting my Introduction to iPhone Development course (which I created and which currently only I teach) in Belgium this month. Gladiator and Little Miss Robot, two Belgian companies, are helping me to bring the course to Belgium by kindly providing a venue for the event and presenting it under the umbrella of their new Slide to Unlock series of events.

A rose by any other name…

I just wanted to clarify this as it might seem like I'm presenting a course called Slide to Unlock, which I'm not. The course is called Aral Balkan's Introduction to iPhone Development and it's an original course, created and taught by yours truly. Slide to Unlock is the name of the series of events held by Little Miss Robot and Gladiator. Confused yet? I was! Hope this clears it up.

September's course: back in Brighton!

By the way, I will be teaching my course back in Brighton in September (15th-17th) and early-bird tickets will be released this Monday (August 16th). There will be 3 early-bird tickets so make sure you get ready to pounce on them because past courses have sold out within a couple of days, with early-bird tickets being snatched up almost immediately.