Top 10 Reasons Why The Macromedia Acquisition Will Benefit Humanity

1. Goodbye Fireworks! The poor souls on the Fireworks development team will finally get to work on a product that gets appreciated and Fireworks users will finally migrate to a *real* image editing application (*ducks*)

2. Goodbye Freehand! Ditto: Less man-hours spent working on an application just to have a competing product, more man-hours spent improving the already excellent Illustrator!

3. You will only have to buy one suite of applications: Creative Suite all the way!

4. Flash video will have its heyday.

5. Microsoft can't buy Adobe (even in George Bush's America, the regulatory authorities wouldn't let that happen.)

6. Product integrations: Flash with the AE timeline would just plain rock as would the ability to output Flash directly from Photoshop, After Effects, etc. FlashPaper from Acrobat? Yeah, baby!

7. The RIA/Smart Client showdown between Adobe and Microsoft will provide endless hours of amusement.

8. User group members will get new t-shirts and pens.

9. I will finally have a genuine reason to cover Photoshop and After Effects at user group meetings.

10. Umm... this one's for you... comment away! :)