Upsies: new augmented-reality football game for iPhone lets you use your legs!

Aral's legs, kicking the ball in Upsies! Upsies! is a great use of augmented reality: a game that lets you play keepie uppies on your iPhone using your own legs. Perfect for those of you who would not get any other exercise otherwise! :)

I just tested it out (in rather low light too, it's early morning here) while standing on my white throw-rug and it worked like a charm! It didn't work as well on my pine floor with bare feet so make sure you're standing somewhere with lots of contrast (or buy a white throw-rug, they're great!)

Upsies! works on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 with iOS4.

Lovely idea, beautifully executed and currently on sale at 99 cents/59 pence: Check out Upsies! for iPhone and get those legs moving!