MX Europe call for proposals

I am very happy to announce that we are now accepting proposal submissions for the MX Europe conference to be held in September.

Currently confirmed speakers, apart from myself, include, among others, Allen Manning from Prismix and Ben Forta, Nigel Pegg, Tim Buntel and Waldo Smeets from Macromedia.

MX Europe is the off-shoot of last year's hugely successful CF-Europe event. The change in name this year underscores our firm commitment and focus on all MX technologies (including Flex). Last year's event was not solely on CF either but the name did (understandably) lead to many people assuming that it was. This year, make no mistake, we will be covering everything from animation and motion graphics with Flash, to hardcore RIA development with Flex, CF and J2EE.

See the MX Europe web site for more information.