Miranda Day 1

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've switched from using Trillian Pro to Miranda IM. When I first ran Miranda, I was a little worried about whether I would end up missing all the features that Trillian had. This was before I discovered the myriad of plug-ins contributed by the Miranda community.

The most important one I've installed so far is the tabSRMM ("Tabbed message dialog") plugin. It replaces the lackluster message dialog that comes with Miranda with a more powerful and configurable tabbed pane. One word of warning though: The installation instructions are misleading: Contrary to what they state, copying the tabsrmm.dll file (or tabsrmm_unicode.dll if you want Unicode support) to the Plugins folder is *not* enough to install the plugin. You have to remove the existing SRMM.dll file and rename tabsrmm.dll to SRMM.dll (this, at least, was how I got it to work on my machine.)

I look forward to trying out the IEView plugin next and have found the OSD plugin to be helpful for status change notifications.