FITC memories

If I didn't get a chance to mention it earlier, FITC was amazing! I got to meet so many in the Flash community in person for the first time: Greets to Phillip, Keith, Ted, Darron, Jared, Dave, Andrea, Beau, Veronique, Robert and Colin -- it was great to meet and hang out with you guys. I just wish there had been more time to really get to talk with everyone. I don't believe I didn't even get time to play a round of Halo 2 with Mike C & Mike D and got to see way too little of Chafic.

Special thanks to Ted for the supplying us with room, pizza, dinner and codetalk and Media Temple for taking care of us on a wonderful night out.

I can't go without thanking Microsoft for their Avalon presentation. I didn't get to see it but it did provide us with lots of material to talk about. Video on spheres aside, there were some amazing presentations at FITC. I found Jared Tarbell's talk very inspiring and Brooke Burgess' workshop was invaluable. (Yes, I finally downloaded Processing and got to playing with it -- you can blame Jared and Keith if I start making pretty things with particles and such!)

I first noticed this in Syndey at MXDU and now at FITC: The Flash community is, almost without exception, full of really great, down-to-earth people (who happen to really enjoy blowing each other up in Halo 2!) :)