I was witnessing a first

Little did I know that when we took the 10.06am Southern train from London Victoria to Brighton on our return from FITC, we were partaking in a first. I have to admit I was excited when I heard the conductor announce that WiFi service was available at the front of the train (it doesn't take much, really, I know) but didn't realize that it was the world's first moving high-speed internet connection. (This, according to today's The Argus newspaper.) How very cool. I was too tired to go all the way to the front of the train to try it out but I will definitely do so next time. I wonder how it will compare to my Vodafone 3G connection... (Vodafone's service being what it is, I am sure it will outshine it by a mile!)

Living in Brighton rocks... and now I have one more reason to love this town!