An email from the FlashEurope venue

I was not going to post anything further about Flash Europe because I pulled out of speaking following a total lack of communication with the organizational committee (and a not-too-pleasant phone call I received following my last blog post on the subject) but I received an email from the venue today that I believe will be of interest to the community. I present it here without comment. You can make your own decisions.

* * *

Dear all,

Last July we received the request of Flash Europe to place their 2004 meeting in our facilities and met Harold Polo personally. On september 2004, the dates of the meeting were moved to March 2005. We confirmed our availability and interest to held this Event. After some time without emails, nither phone calls and the total lack of communication from Flash Europe' part, last december 2004 we have been forced to cancel all the meeting rooms reservation and we have not heard about HAROLD POLO so far. So please, be advised that as far as we are concerned the Flash Europe Meeting next march is not happening in our Campus. Thank you.

We hope this will clear some of the questions you had.

PS.As I cannot post my coment, I am sending an email to all ouf you. We remain at your disposal,

Kindest Regards,

Agencia de Promocio d'Activitats i Congressos - UAB Campus

[Sent by Meritxell Navarro]