It had to happen...

... Emilie's got a blog!

Emilie, my partner in all things and the dynamo that really keeps Ariaware (and not to mention the London MMUG) going, can now be found posting her photographs of our lovely city (Brighton) on

Right now it's a plain old WordPress installation but something tells me it's going to be her unique little corner of cyberspace in no time. Already we've implemented two hacks: One to allow comments only for registered users (similar to the system we have here on FlashAnt) and another small one I added to that hack so that the user's username will show up by default in the comment form's Name field. (Just replace <?php echo $comment_author; ?> with <?php echo $user_nickname ?> in the author text field of the comment form.)

It must be true what they say, geekiness rubs off on people... Welcome to the blogosphere, my love! :)