FlashAnt Moblog up and running!

It's woooorking! :)

One of the biggest problems with troubleshooting a gateway like this is seeing the responses being sent (since they're being sent to the phone.) I had hacked in a few debug messages yesterday that were getting emailed to me but I still couldn't see the actual response being sent back to the phone. I knew instinctively that there was a problem with the response string and I knew it was probably due to a runtime error in the PHP code but I couldn't see what it was.

Enter the poster.php file to save the day.

This little file lets you call the MMS gateway with an MMS message from your computer and so any responses that are sent by the gateway are also sent to your computer. Five minutes after running it for the first time, the two dependency-related bugs that had arisen during the b2 integration were fixed and the gateway was purring like a kitten!

The Moblog will be put through its paces in Australia as I will be posting pictures and videos live from MXDU.