Does Apple's iSlate contain Magic Interaction Design Dust?

I can only assume that the source cited in this article on the rumored Apple slate was either misquoted or clueless when s/he stated:

"They've told select developers that as long as they build their apps to support full screen resolution - rather than a fixed 320x480 - their apps should run just fine"

So, basically, you're telling me that you can scale an application designed for a 320x480 screen to "full screen resolution" – lets be conservative and say it's 1024x768 (so more than three times the horizontal resolution and a little under twice the vertical resolution) – and it will be a good user experience? Sure, the app will "run" but don't expect "just fine" to indicate a good user experience unless the iSlate comes with Magic Interaction Design Dust that updates your interface to best use the new screen dimensions and real estate.

Write Once, Run Anywhere shouldn't even be the goal. I'll be happy if we can use the same frameworks and if apps run without modification on the new iSlate but I'm not kidding myself that any app built for the iPhone will have to have major interaction design work done to take advantage of the larger resolution of the iSlate.

All that aside, I can't wait for the announcement in January!

Link for article via a tweet from Darren Richardson.