The Trouble With Doubles

Thanks, Aral. It's my pleasure to help the RIA developer community.

Yes, I came across two issues. One was with the migration from MM Flash Remoting to OpenAMF. With MM Flash Remoting, some arrays of numbers were passed as Doubles, where with OpenAMF they were Integers. The second issue had to do with the version of OpenAMF.

With the Java type of numbers passed via OpenAMF, diagnosis of this issue was a little tricky. The error manifested itself as what appeared to be a Tomcat connection issue, but it became very obvious when I saw a logged ClassCastException error. The fix was trivial in this application as we only deal with what are effectively Integers, but there are some implications. I hope that OpenAMF isn't trying to intelligently type the numbers that come down the wire (unlikely, but what happens when Flash passes a double or a float?).

The other issue is with the version of OpenAMF, currently 0.9 works but any later version doesn't (in our particular application). I haven't looked into it in any detail but I'll post more about this when I have it.