WIF is back!

I'm bringing What is Flash? back from the dead and this time, it's going to stay undead! :)

The addition of ActionScript 2 support NaturalDocs and Daniel and Greg's immediate contributions prompted me to bring WIF back so it can become a central information house as well as a living and breathing collaboration space for the Flash community.

I've set up holding pages for both Daniel's NaturalGui and Greg's ac NaturalDocs Generator. Both are linked to from NaturalDocs for Flash -- which I hope will contain links to all NaturalDoc's related projects by the community.

I am also in the process of setting up a Subversion repository for NaturalGui (and if any other open-source projects would like one too, please contact me.)

The latest WIF

WIF 2005 rocks! WIF became the first WYSIWYG Wiki in the world when I released it on New Year's Day, 2003 and I still haven't seen anything that compares to it in terms of ease-of-use. And now, it's so much better still!

To combat spam, I integrated a CAPTCHA -- and guess what, it's Flash! Also, it now runs the latest version of HTMLArea with means us Firefoxers can now use the WYSIWYG editor. Full details are on the What Is Flash? site.