Introducing Lindsay

I'm very happy to introduce our newest author on FlashAnt, Lindsay Smith. Lindsay is the lead java programmer at Telrock Communications and we have been working together with him for a little while now on Release 2 of Opal.

Our collaboration began back in November of last year when we got together to play the planning game for the second release. Based on the stories that resulted, we planned two iterations for the second release: In the first iteration, Opal would be migrated to Flash MX 2004 and optimized to achieve a further performance boost and in the second, we would be adding some nice new features. The first iteration was successfully completed before the New Year and we started work on the second iteration this week.

During the holidays, I got an email from Telrock alerting me that during continued user testing they had run into an issue related to remoting that apparently cropped up after the move from Flash Remoting to OpenAMF. Working together with Lindsay we were quickly able to narrow it down and, from what I understand, Lindsay will be sharing the details of that with you in his first post.

Welcome, Lindsay, great to have you on board! :)