Can someone from FlashEurope please contact me?

I don't know what the deal is with Flash Europe but there appears at best to be some serious lack of organization going on.

Peter Elst, who blogged earlier about not being able to reach the organizers [Warning: Really nasty comment spam alert], just contacted me to ask whether I had had any luck in contacting them myself. Alas, I have not. We've emailed nearly every email address on their site to confirm our new accommodation arrangements (the conference was postponed at the last minute last year from November 2004 to March 2005.) Just recently, I was able to contact Harold, who has in the past been in touch with me but I was told in a hurried conversation that he was "in Germany" and could he please call me back? This was last week.

I wouldn't normally blog about something that is a private and/or business affair but this concerns a far greater number of people: Those of you who have bought tickets to attend to see me and the other speakers present.

What prompted Peter's latest email was a comment from Nathan Moody on his blog. He writes: "Anyway, I wanted to comment because I paid for my registration, got NO confirmation, and I am now finding that is being BOUNCED from a host called"

Owen has also had no luck contacting them recently and the web site has not been updated in quite a while (Peter Hall told me recently that he had informed them that he could not make it in November and his name is still listed in the speakers list.) Also, the old dates are still up at the site.

The fact that none of the speakers I know have been able to contact them is frightening. To echo Nathan's sentiments: this really doesn't smell good at all!

Can someone from Flash Europe please contact me by the end of next week and let me know what is going on?