We did it!

Thanks to your votes and donations, work has already begun to bring ActionScript 2 support to NaturalDocs. I received the following email from Greg Valure this morning:

Well, now that your campaign is over you'll be happy to know it delivered. You didn't get the 240 votes you wanted, but you got me working on it. Since you happened to time it right before the weekend, I already have it partially working. I'm hoping to have it within a week, depending on how busy I'll be otherwise.

Over the course of the four-day campaign, the Flash and Flex community emailed in about 80 votes and and I'm also happy to report that I just sent in a $200 donation on behalf of Ariaware this morning, bringing the donation amount to $310.

This is great news for the Flash and Flex community as it means that we are finally getting our own, open-source, easy-to-use and (sexy-as-hell to boot) documentation tool. And the community has already begun to embrace and even contribute to NaturalDocs. Daniel Aguilar has just released the second beta of his NaturalGUI front-end in .Net (NaturalGui_beta2.zip, 9kb) and it appears that Richard Leggert is going to be working on a Java-based front-end for it.

In order to provide both users and developers a place to talk, I've set up a NaturalDocs mailing list on FlashAnt.

You should also subscribe to the official NaturalDocs announcements mailing list run by Greg Valure, to get the latest news straight from the source.

Thank-you again to everyone who voted and donated towards the goal. Thanks to you, and Greg's hard work, we're getting full language support for ActionScript 2 in NaturalDocs! :)