NaturalDocs for Flash Vote Campaign Deadline

I'm going to bring the NaturalDocs for Flash Vote Campaign to an official end at midnight on Sunday night. (Of course people are free to vote after that time, it just won't be as part of this campaign.)

We currently have a little over 60 votes and, from what people have told me, about $110 in donations (that was unexpected, thanks guys!) Coupled with even the minimum amount that Ariaware will be contributing (regardless of the number of votes), that should put our donations close to three times the current highest donation and we currently have 6x as many votes as C++. (Man, is there a need for an open-source documentation format for ActionScript or what?) :)

But let's not rest on this! The more we have, the more we guarantee that ActionScript support will be added to NaturalDocs as soon as possible.

So, if you know of anyone who would benefit from this, please let them know and ask them to vote. (One vote per person, please!)

As always, please remember that Greg has done us all a service by releasing NaturalDocs as open source and will be doing us an even greater one by bringing ActionScript support to it. Please feel free to thank him! ;)

So we have two days left and a target of 180 more votes to go. If everyone who voted can just tell three of their Flash developer friends, we'd reach our goal in no time!